“See all the places you want to see! travel before you get married” I naively told myself many many years ago. Well that ship sailed sometime back.

 I’ve traveled as a kid/adolescent, extensively thanks to my dad’s job that took us all over the globe. I even managed to do a solo ‘just out of school’ scoot to a few countries and it was ok. Yet, back in the day, travelling was just another thing we did. Mundane almost. Hiking up the Eiffel tower was painful. Cruising down the Rheine, I spent time with my nose between a book! School holidays in London and Germany were mostly spent indoors or at a mall having ice cream. I refused to get off the tour coach at the Louvre when I heard the museum took a couple of days to get through and I didn’t trust my parents enough to have a look at Napoleon and the Mona Lisa and get out. I have mentally kicked myself since.

Now, I find the travel bug hitting big time but priorities get in the way. Tiny voices in my head keep saying “oh but you have other commitments, what about that thing you wanted to do to the house.., oh but with that money you could do SO much and get SO MANY things out of the way” etc etc and the nagging voice in my head though faint is persistent and very present. It’s annoying.

I want to see places. I want to visit Scotland, revisit the London I’d been to in my teens and make the trip to the Stonehenge. I want to see the famed Inca civilization in Machu Pichu and tour the Greek Islands. I want to go to Venice and Japan and see the Colosseum in Rome. Brazil during the carnival and a trip to the Andaman Islands just coz it looks so goddamn beautiful.  

 If only that  fucking voice in my head would just go away.

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  1. Posted by pp on June 20, 2013 at 10:04 am

    The andaman islands are amazing and surprisingly cheap once you get there. getting there can be a bit pricey but totally worth it overall. Try some scuba while you’re there :)


  2. ” I refused to get off the tour coach at the Louvre when I heard the museum took a couple of days to get through a”

    You should be shot!

    A lot of museums and galleries are online so you can plan a visit properly and view the main exhibits online.

    Try some of the links below





  3. Stonehenge is a waste of time but the old towns like Bath or villages in the Cotswalds are very pretty.



    Suggest you angle for a training course or assignment in the city of your choice. Take a weeks holiday thereafter, then the airfare is covered.


  4. It looks very impressive in pictures but when one gets there…its just a few stones that don’t look as good as the camera’s make out.


    • Saw the Stonehenge last year and true,it is smaller than I expected…but eerily beautiful.. and you can’t really help but wonder how all that happened so many many primitive years ago. No regrets about the visit though :)


  5. Come to London!! We can have so much fun! :)


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