When I was younger – in school, after school and living with parents, I always wanted to participate in plays and do a bit of drama. I was super active in school – writing, directing (and winning!) plays, holding office in the School’s English Union, planning days etc etc. Shakespeare was one of the most looked forward to events on the school calendar and the months of practice, year after year – though grueling was done with much gusto and commitment.


Strangely, now married and independent with a husband who will be my biggest supporter, I find myself on a ‘Can’t do’ platform!! I used to think into the nights after many heated arguments with my parents about doing drama and the late hours it demanded (my parents did not approve of my late night comings and goings as it was without the drama pracs.!) I used to tell myself that someday, when I was in a house of my own, with no one to answer to – that I would go out and do this thing for myself. Now, I am in that house of our own, with no one to stop me – and I.just.can’t.make.myself.go. I still get goose bumps walking down the corridors of the Wendt and BMICH – nostalgia from back then. Yet, whenever I see auditions being called for plays about to take the boards, I ALWAYS find an excuse to not go! I need to get my mojo back.

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  1. Posted by Santhoshi on May 13, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    You must take part, cause we cant wait to come and clap for you!


  2. Take it a step at a time. Why don’t you go help direct a school that’s participating in Shakes this year?


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