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C’s work has since of late been making him travel alot. Most often for weeks at a time. Getting used to it has been tough and at times down right miserable. His nasty streak rears its head when he bugs me incessantly about the things I do to wile away the time (most of it entailing the Gym, Grey’s Anatomy and the Monica syndrome). At night I’ve gotten used to placing a bolster pillow on my side just coz the bed is too big and it feels oddly reassuring. C thought that was hilarious and more bugging ensued. This time when he took off, I was already away at a residential training out of Colombo and the thought of coming home to an empty house was depressing. When I eventually did get home that evening I noticed that our bed was not made up the usual way. Pulling away the covers, there right next to my pillow was the bolster pillow. Placed just the way I like.

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